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Why we sold Facebook, Bought NVIDIA & NIO today!

Last updated on March 25, 2021

We rotated into New tech

For all investments there is a period when it is innovative, transformational and has non-linear opportunity. Then it may deliver that growth, and then it may carry on innovating or just mature.

Facebook has matured, Nvidia has reinvented itself, and Nio is rewriting the rules

Facebook – getting grey

In truth, Facebook has not done anything new for a while. Arguably, it never has. Whatsapp and Instagram were bought in tools and it missed the TikTok opportunity right in it’s back yard.

How did FB miss the text-becomes-image-becomes-video train?

Mark needs to show that all those R&D dollars have come up with something really new and shiny that is going to hit the public soon! We have given up waiting and there are many better opportunities.


The poster child for re-invention. Once a Graphics niche for gamers, then data centre processor and now one in every Nio !!! Actually FOUR in every Nio. They have pretty much the only game in town for AI car chipset and software stack. We think Arm would be a monster additive to the mix but the current share price doesn’t even have the volume that cars will bring in the price.

And on to Nio

Nio also is a class act. It seems that they are not burdened with a Tesla ‘one brand’ mentality, they will be the global volume play like VW group with a Skoda, Seat, VW, Audi and possibly Porsche set of brands.

Nio is also shaping up to be a technology leader. As above, it may well have the most processing power in a moving object.

On top of this, they are able to shelter in a low cost (relative) manufacturing regime that can pop out iPhones by the millions.


Nio has run a long way – but we are in to hold.

Images Nio_EP9 CCL Wikapedia Commons

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