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The $1.25million Tesla Car and the $6,000 Apple iPhone

Last updated on March 25, 2021

If we look at the value of TESLA [TSLA] per car shipped last year, we find that the market cap of Tesla is $1.25m per car !!! Now we know that Tesla is a Tech company and not a car company ant that is why it trades at a lofty p/e of 1,250.

But how does Tesla compare to that poster child of Tech perfection, i.e. APPLE ?

Apple ships around 160 million iPhones a year. Apple’s revenues are about 50% from iPhone and related services ( the rest being iPad, Mac, and wearables) so lets say that a similar amount of Apple’s MarketCap is attributable to these units. This makes about $1trillion ( Apples Market Cap at the time of writing is near $2.2t)

So, 1 Trillion market cap divided by 160 million iPhones = $6,000 Market Cap per iPhone

Lets also adjust that a Tesla costs around $50k and an iPhone about $1,000 – so lets multiply that $6k by 50 – $300k for a bag of 50 iPhones to get to the value of a Tesla…..

So – Tesla at $1.25m versus $300k for iPhones

Does Tesla look good ?

Your thoughts please

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