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Alpine I – Pre IPO Fund

Last updated on December 13, 2022

Currently seeking indications from investors into our Pre IPO Series I

This late stage fund will seek to reduce risk by only subscribing to companies with proven business models supported by quality clients or in the case of B2C internet companies by sales of over 10m in the trailing 12 months

This fund is designed to provide liquidity over the period from 3years to 5 years from launch

  • US$ 100m Fund
  • Late stage private investment in advance of IPOs
  • Investee companies with $10m sales and/or referenceable Fortune 100 customers
  • To be co-invested alongside key institutions
  • Our investments will never be more than 10% of any investee’s raise
  • Target first exits within 3 years
  • Minimum investment US$1m
  • Horizon : 2-3 years till first substantial liquidity events

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