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Let’s Market to those Gamers !! TTD, PUBMax soar

Last updated on March 24, 2021

Key Advertising Growth Areas

  • 1) Short Form Video Advertising Eco System 
  • 2) In App advertising, and metrics 
  • 3) Programmatic Advertising 
  • 5) In Game ‘physical’ marketing 

More than half of all logins to Facebook are to play games, so clearly being a gamer has changed, it is now mainstream. 

We believe there are some relatively unexploited spaces particularly placing adverts inside games as objects.  

Images CCL Pumpkin Studios, Pivotal Games, Eidos Interactive

For example – it would be relatively straight forward to place a 3D model of a McDonald’s or a Pizza Hut inside a game leveraging the huge growth that there has been in online gaming and the fact that that is now a large industry than the movie industry we continue to see a whole host of opportunities and start-ups as well as existing players seeking to monetise.  

We believe there are more major trends which we’re able to exploit in 2021 within the advertising media space online whether that is inside apps, games and over the top video services like Netflix, Discovery channel, Disney+ or Hulu. 

Increasingly sophisticated programmatic advertising techniques deliver a more and more tightly tuned targeting approach for the advertising 

Current players  

The Trade Desk [TTD]Up 200% in 1 yr
PubMatic [PUBM]Up 68% Since Dec 20 IPO
Magnite [MGNI]Up 122% Since Dec 20 IPO

Short form video services such as TikTok and various regional players like BILIBILI in China have much spurred this on. 

Television has spent 50 years perfecting places to place compelling advertising messages and we feel that online media 2.0 has a long way to go to go.  Advertising tech is not a done deal!! 

There is also a large industry in the supply chain providing everything from analytics data integration to the various parts of the silo that makes up the industry. 

We also can’t rule out some of the well capitalised incumbent’s not making a play to take some of these into their space as their (FANG) ability to extract revenue from paper click and cost per action approaches becomes tougher and tougher. 

Disclosure – We own PUBM and TTD as long holdings and have no plan to buy or sell in the next 30 days

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