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Intel is dead – Long Live Intel

Intel is finally. Going to arrive with a 7 nanometer chip. In two years (2023) and this time Intel is made a big leap by working with. TSMC to produce some of the chip..

Pat Gelsinger, the new CEO of Intel. Explained. The new range of processors will include at least two High end processors. Using. The meteor Lake Design and Granite Rapids design process. Intel always uses location names for its internal design Nomenclature.

This comes on top of recent releases by Intel in the last week. Intel indicates that they are going to be committing more than $2 billion to new design. Fabrication plants domestically in the US.

Intel has been struggling of late to keep up with AMD, and indeed Apple, both of whom used TSMC to produce on considerably smaller technology processes where the advantage produces faster cooler and more dense Silicon devices.

Intel also announced that it’s going to be a using a new technique to allow them to stack processor components within one design which should speed turn a round of chip cycles and end up with faster time to market.

Intel also announced that it was starting a new business called Intel foundry services. This will be based on third party companies using intel’s latest production techniques within two new fabrication plants who Intel have committed with an anticipated 20 billion U.S. dollars.

All in all this marks a dramatic shift in the urgency that Intel it’s taking to turn its lacklustre business around and given the trade concerns with offshore production it looks likely that Intel will continue to increase its presence in the US market, it’s going to be very interesting to see how AMD competes with a increasingly confident Intel

Image: source Intel corp

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