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R-Incubator – Technology Incubator

R-Incubator is for start-up and academic spin-outs. We provide comprehensive mentoring and business guidance

We closely mentor our start-up’s and start the process early to meet likely investors. We are looking for life long relations with our start-ups

Successful start-ups and their business model will be polished and refined using our be showcased in our Pitch and Demo Day, that is held two times a year ( March and September)

Incubator Pitch and Demo Day


R-Incubator normally will invest between £150,000 and £250,000 in seed capital. Often we invest in follow-on rounds side-by-side with new investors

We can take care of the administrative tasks ranging from structuring investment ( equity/debt finance/Loan notes) as well as logistics.

Three Pillars

1. Product Fit, Form and Delivery

1. Key is MVVP not MVP

MVP is no longer relevant in today’s hyper scale world. Minimum Viable Volume Product is king!

Time to funding and time to volume are the key drivers for consumer scale Web services

We provide mentoring to ensure that product timelines meet the conflicting needs of fundraising and the market. We ensure that the company will be attractive to investors while keeping true to their ethos.

2. Revenue Acceleration with reduced friction

The sales activities in many young businesses struggle to provide coherent and winnable value statements to customers. We are skilled at distilling a compelling customer ROI and focus – which reduces risks of ‘Do Nothing” stalled deals, shortens cycles and fixes missteps on Board and shareholder forecasting. Our forte is “product to market” fit by leading for first personal sales execution wins and team coaching for ongoing scale up.

3. Get to market, Get to volume

Key on todays hyper-scale industries is getting to volume ( whatever that is in your industry) fast!

4. Commercials/Operation

We have strong experience across commercial fields, enables mentoring founding teams. Including on winning revenue models, channel partnerships alongside personally forming and driving sales operations.


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