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If I Could Buy Only One Stock…

Last updated on December 13, 2022

Today in the gym , I was chatting to the next person about money and so on, and he asked me a question, “If you could only buy one Stock – then which would you buy

I thought, What a Fantastic Question. Here is what I said.

Firstly, I would not buy a single stock. For a new investor or one without a range of investments, one stock is just wrong at so many levels. Even it if it was a Microsoft or Google, it is just not safe.

My view is that an ETF, Investment trust, or (at a pinch) a fund is the only sensible choice.

I tend to be a tech believer. And while I am not risk hungry as Cathy Woods, I do think that the innovation world is just hitting a singularity and we will see things change radically in the next 10 years.

I like investments like Scottish Mortgage trust SMT.L , or Allianz Technology Trust ATT.L here in the UK. In the US I would choose QQQ or CLOU, a general tech or Cloud ETF respectivly.

If the question about one stock is rephrased as ‘what stock would you make a key part of a portfolio’ then I would have to say MSFT, GOOG, NVDA would be contenders.

I would however not have these without a broader mix including somethings like Johnson and Johnson (JNJ), Berkshire Hathaway, AMD, and perhaps some Property REITs ( funds)

I do hold AMD, MSFT, Berkshire, JSJ, NVDA (core holding), SMT, ATT

Any suggestions or portfolio thoughts – then pls register and comment

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