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We Fix your Go To Market Strategy

We work closely on a long term basis to turn your sales force into a deterministic machine.

Working from the sales team back to product, and customer back to company vision, we have produced highly functional and repeatable Go To market implementations

Does your forecast look like ths ?

We can get you on the way up, rather then on a treadmill

Our Outcomes

  • Increased Shareholder and Stakeholder Value
  • Predictable Forecasting
  • Less customisation of your product to fit clients
  • Higher Sales outcomes at Higher Revenue
  • Streamlined Product Marketing

We will fix the Perennial issues relating to

  • Forecast Sales that Never Close
  • Forecast Items just vanishing
  • Poor qualification of opportunities
  • The customer wants something else” problem
  • The ‘ I need to discount‘ problem

We have proven skills allowing to zero-in on the intersection of company vision, product, and sales to produces a winning outcome. Ensuring that your team can deliver in a sustainable winnable space.

Gary Wilkins, CEO Rowkins Ltd is also presently Chairman of Flexenet, (FinTech that operates in Asia, London and NY) and Chairman of ( MarTech)

Give us a call on +44 (0)207 193 6628 ( Whatsapp +447767400205)