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2021 Convictions Stocks In our Portfolio, PDD CRISP, LI, [FTSE:PHI]

Last updated on March 24, 2021

Here are our core holdings for 2021 – It is not advice, but simply where we feel we can hold through peaks and troughs.

Pinduoduo [Nasdaq:PDD]

With 13 % of the Chinese online market and a leader that is simultaneously unknown and richer than Jack Ma, we like PDD. PDD mixes social and eCommerce where individuals group up to buy at a discount and PDD is very popular in the Tier 2&3 cities ( Say 8million or so).

With a market cap or some USD 200m, we feel it is not overvalued.

CRISPR Therapeutics [Nasdaq:CRISP]

This is a really strong conviction holding and we can not see us selling in 2021. It has fantastic leadership from two of the most gifted scientists. They basically invented the form of gene editing based on palindromic repeating chains in DNA and have produced a platform for theraputics and vaccines to be built. Think of it as windows for genetics.

Pacific Horizon Investment Trust [London:PHI]

We like the Asia market, but there really are too many good things going on to invest directly and as we may move into a more turbulent market in the latter half of 2021, we feel that having some managed money is wise. So we have a core holding in PHI for it’s stellar returns over the last year or so.

PHI.L ( it is on London exchange) returned 124% last twelve months.

Li Auto [Nasdaq:LI], Xpeng Auto [XPEV], Nio [NIO]

We like the EV space, but sadly there are some extended valuations. The Chinese are the most advanced (apart from Tesla) and we like Xpeng and Li auto. But perhaps on balance we like Li more due to the lower valuation.

Nvidia [ NVDA ]

Images : Nvida , Image by Simona Robová from Pixabay

Nvidia is firing on all cylinders. Its RTX 3080 boards are sold out and on a long ( some say thousands of queueing customers) backorder.

Meanwhile, the real action is in the AI processor space. Nvidia have signed deals in China and elsewhere for the new automated driving sub-system that can have up to 4 high performance chips. With another volume market in cars opening up this must be huge.

And lets not forget the data centre business………

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